Application - Events

Important: The articles in this section are about the application ‘Events’ for professional event management. If you are looking for articles about the activities module in the Website Application, click here.

You can find tutorials about the Events Application on our Youtube channel or in the relevant support articles in this section. Most of our tutorials are only available in Dutch. We are working on translation and new English tutorials.

About Genkgo Events

The Events Application allows you to take your event management to a higher level for both simple and more complex events. The application makes it possible to manage your event down to the details, including ticket sales and viewing results and registrations. Additionally, you can purchase the Program module for substantive organization of events.

Structure of the Events Application

After logging in to the Admin, all available applications are displayed on the left of the screen. Click on ‘Events’. The Events Application opens and the Events tree appears on the screen.

The Events tree

The Events tree is a dynamic tree, meaning that the content of the tree changes based on the selected element. When you first open the Events Application, you will see the following tree:


This element contains all events that were created within the Events Application. When you click on this element, you will see an overview of all events in the Application. From this overview, you can view, create and configure the events. Read more about the overview of events here.


In this element you can create, view and edit tags. Tags can be linked to an event. It is also possible to add tags to an event from the event itself. Read here how to do this.


This element gives a general overview of participants of all events. The overview consists of two tabs: ‘General’ and ‘Tags’.

The tab ‘General’ contains a table with information regarding tickets, cancellations and attendance per participant. You can click on the name of a participant to see an overview of all events for which the participant has registered.

The tab ‘Tags’ gives an overview of participants per tag. In this tab you can see the names of participants and the amount of tickets in their possession per tag.


This element gives an overview of the latest invoices regarding the Events Application. Here you can view and export the invoices. If the Events Application and the Financial Application are linked, the tab ‘Link to Financial’ gives an overview of the invoices linked to the Financial Application.

Payment methods

This element contains an overview of all available payment methods. When you click on a payment method, you will see the orders/invoices that were payed using this payment method.


The element ‘Statistics’ gives more insight into the sale of tickets and attendance of participants in general. You can add or take away items from the graph by clicking on them in the legend.


In this element, you can make all general settings for the Events Application. This element contains several tabs, depending on the modules that are available to you. Here you can read articles about the specific settings that can be made.