After configuring the settings for the event, you can create standard e-mails to send to participants. Two kinds of e-mails can be created: confirmation e-mails and crediting e-mails.

Confirmation e-mail

Participants receive the confirmation e-mail after payment of their ticket. To create a new confirmation e-mail, click on ‘Create’. You will see a new screen. Select the payment methods for which you want to write the e-mail.

Behind ‘Sender e-mail address’, enter the correct e-mail address. Then enter the sender name, e.g. the name of you organization, and the subject of the e-mail. In the field ‘Attachments’, there are several options. You can select one or more options, but non of the options are mandatory:

  • Send ticket(s): The tickets are attached to the confirmation e-mail.
  • Send invoice (if relevant): The invoice is attached to the confirmation e-mail.
  • Send bcc to sender: The confirmation is also sent to the sender indicated in ‘Sender e-mail’.
  • Send calendar file (ICS): A calendar file is added to the e-mail, with which participants can add the event to their calendar.

Then write the text of the e-mail.

On the bottom of the page you can find the element ‘Deactivate’. When a confirmation e-mail has been used for an order, the e-mail itself cannot be deleted anymore. However, it can still be deactivated. From the moment you indicate in this element, the e-mail will not be sent anymore when a purchase is made. This option can also be useful if no confirmation e-mail is needed for regular orders, but only if you manually add participants, for example from a reserve list. In that case, you can also turn off the e-mail.

To deactivate the e-mail, select the correct date and time.

Click ‘save’ to create the confirmation e-mail.

Edit/delete confirmation e-mail

All created confirmation e-mails appear in the overview of the tab ‘Confirmation’. The overview also shows the attachment chosen for each e-mail.

To edit a confirmation e-mail, click on the e-mail under ‘Order’. After making the changes, click on ‘save’ to confirm.

To delete a confirmation e-mail, click on  on the right side of the e-mail. Then click ‘delete’ to confirm or ‘Back’ to cancel.
Important! You can only delete a confirmation e-mail if it has not been sent to any users yet. If a confirmation e-mail has been sent to a user after an order, it cannot be deleted, only deactivated.

Crediting e-mail

A crediting e-mail can be created for events that allow the payment method of a credit invoice. With this e-mail, the credit invoice is sent to participants who choose this payment method. The invoice is sent separately from the confirmation e-mail.

Enter the sender e-mail address and the sender name. The e-mail address should be the e-mail address of your organization. Then enter the subject of the e-mail. If you want the sender address to receive a (blind) copy of the e-mail, select ‘Send bcc to sender’. Then write the text of the message and click on ‘save’.