How do I add a new administrator?

In the Genkgo system, multiple persons can be administrators and login to the Admin. To login to the Admin, each person uses their own account. In most cases, they will already have an account that gives them access to for instance the member section of the website. This same account can be used to login to the Admin. An administrator does not need an extra profile. You can make the objects ‘member’, ‘person’ and ‘company’ administrators.

If the new administrator does not have an account yet, this should be created first. You can do this by adding the object in the Organisation Application.

To give a profile access to the Admin, you need to assign rights to the profile. Rights are assigned by adding a role to the profile. New roles can easily be created in the Organisation folder ‘Roles’. By default, there is already an administrator role in this folder. This role has access to all applications and elements in the Admin, unless specified differently. If you want to give the new administrator access to less elements, you need to create a new role. For each role, you can define which rights are attached to it.

After creating a new role or identifying an existing role that can be used, the role needs to be linked to the profile of the new administrator. Go to the profile and click on the tab ‘Access’. On the bottom of the screen, click on ‘Manage roles’ and choose the correct role.

In the tab ‘Access’, check if the object has a username and password. If they do not have this yet, create a username first and then send a password e-mail to the person. After the password has been created, the new administrator can access the Admin.