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About Genkgo Financial

The Financial Application is a tool to send (online) invoices to persons, members and companies. You can send a payment request or create a bank file to collect direct debit payments. Invoices will be sent to recipients by e-mail if possible. After the payment term has expired, you can process the payments to keep track of paid and unpaid invoices.

Make the correct settings before you start

Keeping a financial administration requires great care and precision. If you haven’t worked with the Financial Application before, we recommend that you read the following articles before you start invoicing. These articles discuss important settings and basic knowledge of the operation of the application, necessary to work with the application properly:

  • Administration and financial years – The Financial Application is divided into administrations. Most communities have only one administration, but it is possible to have multiple administrations. Each administration is divided into financial years. Financial years are equal to calendar years. Thus, you will have to create a new financial year at the start of each calendar year.
  • Settings – In the element ‘Settings’ of the Financial tree, you can make several settings that are important for the proper functioning of the Financial Application. For example, you can further specify the information of the administration and financial year in which you are working, create invoice templates and set up the synchronization of relations.
  • Relations – Relations are persons or companies to whom you can send invoices. Relations are synchronized from the Organization Application. In the Financial Application, each synchronized Organization object has a relation profile. The relation profile contains all necessary financial information of a person or company.

After making the settings

After you have made the correct settings, you can start invoicing.

The roadmap helps you to keep track of all actions and carry them out in the correct order. Use it to see how far in the process you are and to quickly find relevant support articles.

In this application you can: