Application - Mobile

About Genkgo Mobile

In the application Mobile, you can manage your mobile apps.

The structure of the application Mobile

You can find the application Mobile in the main menu of the Admin (on the left side). After opening the application, you will see the following elements:

  • The Application tree
  • The main screen with an overview of your mobile applications

How does the app work?

Several modules of the mobile app can be managed in the Website Application, such as photo albums and news items. It is no problem if you don’t have a Genkgo website. You can place the necessary information in the Website application, which will be made available to you. Learn how to do this.

Application tree

When you click on a mobile app in the main overview, you will see the Application tree of the mobile app. The main elements of this tree are ‘Statistics’, ‘Content’ and ‘Publication in Stores’. Under ‘Statistics’ you can find an overview of all statistics regarding the application. In ‘Content’ you can edit the content of the application. Under ‘Publication in Stores’ you can see whether and in which stores the application is published.