Application - Organization

You can find videos about the Organization Application on our Youtube channel.

In the Genkgo Organization Application, you can keep record or all your contacts, e.g. members, staff or volunteers. The content of the Organization is shared with other Genkgo Applications, such as Website, Communication and Financial for several purposes.

Structure of Genkgo Organization

You can navigate to Organization application by selecting ‘Organization’ in the main menu after logging in. You will see the following components:

1. The Organization tree

Almost all navigation within Genkgo is done through tree structures. The tree structure on the left forms the basis of your screen. Within the tree, you can create folders to organize your contacts, just like in the file system on your personal computer.

Navigating with the Organization tree

The name of your community forms the stem of the tree. The folders that structure the contacts in the Organization are below the stem. A folder folds out when you click on the plus-sign in front of it. Within the Organization structure, it is up to you to decide how many (sub)folders you want to create. In principle, an endless amount of folders can be created.

2. The Main Screen

The main screen shows the content of the folder that is selected in the Organization tree, e.g. a folder or the profile of an object in a folder.

By default, the following objects are included in Genkgo Organization:

Depending on the structure of your community, this can ­be expanded, for example with a customer or a member object. Contact Genkgo via if you wish to add extra objects.