Application - Sales

About Genkgo Sales

With the Sales Application, you can recruit sponsors for your organization. The application allows you to add the projects for which you need sponsors, so that for each project, you can see the progress in achieving a target at a glance. You can also log and review all contact moments with companies. This way, you can manage everything related to sales in one place.

The structure of the Sales Application

You can find the Sales Application in the Admin, in the main menu on the left. After opening the application, you will see the Sales tree on the left. The tree looks as follows:

Click on ‘Projects’ for an overview of all projects and to manage those projects. Click on ‘Relations’ for an overview of all relations added to the Sales Application. In the element ‘Contracts’ you can find all your contracts with companies. In ‘Project groups’ you can create project groups to sort your projects. In ‘Settings’ you can choose the Organization folder in which the changes in companies should be implemented.