Application - Webshop

About Genkgo Webshop

The Webshop Application can be used to sell products on your website. You can create product lines under which you can place products. You can also manage all orders here. Users can order products and pay directly with iDeal on the website.

The structure of the Webshop Application

You can find the Webshop Application in the main menu of the Admin, on the left side of the screen. Click on the application. There you will see the Webshop tree with the following elements:

  • Orders – Overview of all ordered products;
  • Invoices – View and download invoices;
  • Shop – Place products in the store and prices;
  • Products – Add new products;
  • Product lines – Create product lines;
  • Payment methods – Manage payment methods for users;
  • Settings – Settings for vendor and invoice data.

First use

In a new Webshop application, start at the bottom of the Webshop tree: start with ‘Settings’ and end with ‘Orders’.