Access to the Admin

To be able to login to the Admin, a profile needs to meet the following requirements:

  • A valid username (settings in tab ‘Access’)
  • A valid password (settings in tab ‘Access’)
  • The right to login to the Admin (settings in a role)

If you wish to send passwords to (large) groups of users, we recommend using e-mail automation. For giving a username and password to an individual user, use the method described beneath.

Access tab

Each profile in the Organization has the tab ‘Access’. In this tab, credentials and roles of the object can be managed. The tab shows all roles of which the object is occupant, and these roles can be edited by clicking ‘Manage roles’.

Create/edit username

Before an object can be allowed to login to the Admin or to the website, they need to have a username first. You can create a username in the tab ‘Access’ by clicking ‘Change username’. You will then see a screen where you can enter the username. It is not possible to give an already existing username.


Objects can not be given a password without having a username first. When the object has a username, the password can be sent via e-mail, or you can generate the password and send it in a different way.

Sent password via e-mail

The safest way to send a password is to use e-mail. To do this, click on ‘Send new password’.

Under ‘select user’s e-mail address’, select the field containing the correct e-mail address behind ‘use field from information’.

Under ‘Choose e-mail template’, choose the template for an already created password. To create a new template, or if no template exists, go to E-mail automation → Send passwords.

Manage roles

In the same tab, roles of objects can also be managed. To add a new role or delete an existing role, click on ‘Manage roles’. You will then see a list of existing roles. Check the box of a role to make the object an occupant of the role. Uncheck the box of a role that the object will no longer occupy. Click ‘Save’ to confirm.